R H Bee Farms Stingless Bee Honey
R H Bee Farms Stingless Bee Propolis
R H Bee Farms Stingless Bee Pollen

100% Pure & Natural No artificial additives are added!

900ft Above Sea Level Our farm is free from urbanization and pesticides pollution

Certified & Lab tested Halal & MeSTI certified & Laboratory tested

Our farm

We farm and produce premium quality Kelulut products! Our kelulut farm is located far away from urbanization and pollution, it is at 900 feet above the sea level tropical rainforest highland, surrounded by Acacia mangium and other biodiversities. The farm has about thousands colonies of kelulut bees.  We are determined to produce most natural yet premium quality kelulut honey, propolis, and bee pollen for our customers.

Flying stingless bees

Characteristic of Kelulut bees

  • Tiny size: only 2mm to 10mm
  • Able to sip nectar from deepest space of flower blossom and forage from inflorescence.
  • Produce honey, propolis, and pollen only
  • Store honey and pollen in ‘honey-pot‘ made of propolis, which is high in antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and antibacterial properties
  • High resistant to diseases – thanks to antibacterial activity in Propolis
  • Short flying distance: within 200m
  • Produce only 300 grams of Kelulut honey monthly
  • Hives are normally built in hollow trees and use propolis to seal cracks and holes
  • Perfect pollinator agent

What makes Kelulut honey so nourishing?

Stingless Bee Honey
Infused with Propolis

Kelulut honey is stored in ‘honey pot’ made up of propolis for the fermentation process. A 60 days process that contributes to sourness taste and active enzymes in Kelulut honey.

Up to 10 times antioxidant

Studies have proven that Kelulut honey contain up to 10x times higher antioxidant properties. It also antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal activities.

Stingless Bee Honey
Lower reducing sugar

Kelulut honey contains lower reducing sugar (Fructose and Glucose) which can be found in pure honey.

Malaysia 1st Superfood

Taste the uniqueness aromatic taste of Kelulut honey. It is also twice as nutritious as ordinary honey!

Why choose RH Stingless Bee Honey?

100% PURE & NATURAL No artificial sugar, preservative, colouring, and flavouring added!

Concentrated Low-temperature dehydrated to preserve its nature taste, quality, and goodness!

Matured Only matured kelulut honey is harvested!

Wild & Unpolluted Originated from 900ft above sea level unpolluted tropical rainforest highland.

Laboratory tested Quality and purity assured

Halal & MeSTI certified Consume every spoon worry-less!

Our products!

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