The Past, Now and future of R H Bee Farms Story

Our history

R H Bee Farms Sdn. Bhd. was established at Sibu in late 2013 as one of the wholly-owned subsidiaries of Rimbunan Hijau Group. 

At the beginning, we were breeding kelulut in a small scale for own use purposes only. After we met with our acquaintances that are breeding kelulut bees, we had gained more interest and confidence in the potential of kelulut products. In early of 2015, our kelulut beehives reached another milestone by owning more than 2,500 kelulut colonies and also imported equipment to facilitate our production. This has marked a new beginning of our journey and opened doors for us to deliver higher quality products to our consumers.

Our farm…

R H Bee Farms Sdn Bhd is a kelulut farm located in Sarawak, Malaysia. Our kelulut farm is located far away from urbanization pollution and 900ft above sea level tropical rainforest highland. With the abundant of Acacia mangium trees and more than thousands kelulut colonies being cultivated throughout our kelulut farms, we are capable of producing nature yet premium quality kelulut honey, propolis, and bee pollen for our customers to live healthy in a natural way.

Farm view

Get to know our kelulut

Today, we have more than thousands of active kelulut colonies throughout our kelulut bee farms.

Stingless bee is also widely known as ‘Kelulut’ in Malaysia. Kelulut are biologically different from Honey Bees eg. Apis mellifera in many significant ways

But what makes stingless bee honey different? Unlike other bee honey, kelulut honey is stored in propolis pot. Therefore, nutrition and goodness of propolis will infuse into kelulut honey and provide a great source of antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and antibacterial.

They have populated for over 50 million years in tropical forests and kelulut honey is used by old folks as a traditional remedy for illnesses and diseases. Only until recent years, Meliponiculture (Stingless Bee Keeping) started to receive attention again because of kelulut honey, propolis and bee pollen are high in nutritional value and it has medical properties which are being used as a remedy for illnesses and also diseases.

There are more than 600 species in the world and in Malaysia, there are approximately 45 kelulut species. With their size range from 3mm to 13mm long, they are effective to sip nectar from deepest space in tiny flowers. As a result, their honey contains more vitamins and minerals. Kelulut also harvest pollen and resins from flowers and trees.  Kelulut honey, propolis and pollen are the three products originated from kelulut hives.

Our Products

Natural & High-Quality & MeSTI and Halal Certified